Japanese tripping under it

Japanese tripping under it


Japanese tripping under it, Gold declined after the Bank of Japan announced that it would buy unlimited bonds and Wall Street banks predicted that the Fed would act more aggressively in raising rates
Gold declined after the dollar strengthened and demand for safe assets fell.

An ounce of spot gold fell as low as $ 1.933 in early week trading.

Spot gold was up 1.9 percent last week as the Ukraine war boosted demand for safe assets. Investors are in for a saving tool to protect themselves from inflationary pressures caused by sharp increases in commodity prices.

The Bank of Japan on Monday announced that it would buy an unlimited amount of 10-year bonds to control rising bond yields. As the yen weakened against the strengthening dollar, this caused the demand for spot gold to decline.

Japanese tripping under it
Japanese tripping under it

”Gold is facing pressure due to the rising dollar,” ABC Bullion Global Managing Director Nicholas Frappell said, noting that the Bank of Japan’s move had a positive effect on the dollar, which caused a decline below it.

Biden: We are not aiming for regime change in Russia
On the war side, the face-to-face negotiations on the sides of Ukraine and Russia will continue this week. On the other hand, US President Joe Biden clarified that his European allies should avoid statements that increase blood pressure after Vladimir Putin said that he could not stay in power, and noted that they did not mean a regime change in Russia.

Investors are also assessing the hawkish tone of the Fed and the pressure of rising US bond yields on gold. While Wall Street Banks expected a faster rate hike than monetary policymakers had predicted, the last participant was Citigroup, which expected a rate increase at each of the remaining meetings and predicted an increase of at least half a percentage point at at least four of them.

Oversea-Chinese Banking Corp. “The bearish movement this morning may be a profit-taking move after last week’s uptrend,” said economist Howie Lee, saying there are too many factors affecting gold’s movements related to the recent downturn.

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